But if 10%, or even 5%, of your income goes into a separate account before you even see it, you'll stop thinking of that as money you have available to spend. After just a couple of weeks or months, you'll discover that you do not even miss this money because you will simply adjust to not having it. This will naturally cut back on your spending and help you save money.

Learn to shop methodically and not on a whim. The worst time, to use one example, to buy holiday presents is right before the holidays. The best time is just after the holidays are over when the items you want to on sale.

Another big expense most don't think about is your phone bill. Many of us nowadays don't have just one phone but up to three or more including cells, home phones and maybe ever Skype phones. We don't often realize how much we can save just by getting down to one line. Perhaps a pay as you go cell phone is the most convenient consideration you should make. This way you won't be paying for any extra minutes you don't use. You should also avoid, or cut back on text messaging, which can really add to your cell phone bill. Use online texting rather than with your phone since it's cheaper to do this.


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