Article rich pins are actually just one of the advance types of ‘rich pins’ available for marketers. Another relatively new and big feature of Pinterest that is particularly interesting for marketers is the ‘buyable pins’ tool. This was introduced relatively recently (June 2015) so not every marketer is making full use of it. As the name suggests, buyable pins are pins showing products that are for sale.
So if you should be browsing the site and see an item of clothing, a desktop accessory, or maybe a piece of furniture that you like, then you can simply click to buy it. In the iPad and iPhone apps, the ‘Pin It’ button is now accompanied by a ‘Buy It’ button that lets users immediately buy the products they’re interested in. By the end of the very first month, there were already 2 million of these pins on the site.

Pinterest has long been popular as a tool for ‘window shopping’. When users are looking through other brand boards because they’re looking for ideas for wedding decorations, things to wear or things to decorate their house with, they will often then follow the links to buy the products, or later look up the product. But now with buyable pins, they can buy the product straight through Pinterest itself.


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