If your meter isnandrsquo;t accessible (for example, if itandrsquo;s awkward to reach, or you have sight problems), your gas and electricity provider should be able to arrange for someone to come out and read it for you on a regular basis.

Smart meters

You may be surprised to discover that most of the gas and electricity meters found in our homes are based on ideas from the nineteenth century. Obviously, a re-design was well overdue, and itandrsquo;s appeared in the form of the smart meter. These are much more than a dusty box with a set of pretty meaningless figures.

A smart meter allows you to see the actual cost of the gas or electricity you use. It also provides information for each appliance: so you can see exactly how much your teenagerandrsquo;s MTV addiction is setting you back.

 The data can be accessed remotely, through a wireless connection, so you can set up a mobile or PC to monitor your energy usage. Smart meters are currently being trialled by most utility providers, and are expected to be in widespread use in the next few years.

Once youandrsquo;ve begun to provide your utility supplier with regular meter readings, you can start to understand exactly how much energy you use.


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